"Burst of emotion"

"Angèle au panier"
Voici le début de ma série «Les Nouvelles Bretonneries»,
en hommage à Pont-Aven et à Emile Bernard

Bonjour and welcome in my studio !

I am a French, figurative sculptor, and I live near Paris (France) in Sannois. I began drawing when I was a child and never stop since that moment. I have been modeling for more than twenty years. I share these two activities with a job and a family life. As I am dilettante-tempered woman, I don’t find this mix heavy at all ! More, it’s a marvellous way to find inspiration…
Life is full with happy hours that I enjoy catching and keeping through my statuettes. Getting to maturity, I find more and ore often inspiration in “la vie de tous les jours”. So, my word is bursting with emotion. Women and children, which more expressive, are my favorite subjets, but men have their place in my world, too.
I model either at a course, with a teacher and models, or at home, in my studio. I work from clay, or wax. The sculpture can be a sole piece in terracotta, or a numbered piece (from 1 to 8) in bronze.A few bronzes, figurating children, have been especially created as unic pieces : their names are “les petits trésors”.

Let’s visit my studio !


You can write me an e-mail to give your say or get any information about my works.
See you soon!

Studio : 30 rue de Saint Gratien - 95110 - SANNOIS - FRANCE
facebook.com/loche.kowalskiMail : loche.kowalski@wanadoo.fr